The Canine Good Citizen Life Skills Course is a three week program. This course is designed to revise some basic skills as well teach your dog to be calm and focused around other dogs and people. Each lesson is one hour in length. We provide the option of assessment for the Canine Good Citizen award, a national award from the Delta Institute, the educational arm of the Delta Society.

Who Should Attend

  • anyone who has completed Basic Dog Manners Level 1 with Positive Dog Training
  • anyone who has completed a similar course at another dog training organisation
  • anyone who would like to practice basic skills
  • anyone who can't commit to a weekly program
  • anyone who would like to improve their training skills
  • anyone who would like to have their dog certified as a Canine Good Citizen

Course Date Options

The course is run at the same day and time each week. If you booked into a Sunday 9.00am course then you attended for the three consecutive weeks.

Course Cost

The cost of the three sessions is $120.00.

Content of Canine Good Citizen Lifeskills Course:

  • Walking calmly past other dogs
  • Behaving calmly around people
  • Coming when called
  • Waiting at gate/door
  • Car etiquette 
  • Tolerance to separation
  • Street walking
  • Go to mat and settle
  • Leaving food on request
  • Standing for health check
  • Reading your dogs body language
  • Revision of behaviours covered in Basic Dog Manners Level 1

Canine Good Citizen Award

The Delta Institute is the educational arm of Delta Society a not for profit organisation that provides a number of services including Delta Therapy Dogs to visit people aged care facilities and Delta Dog Safe program to educate primary aged children how to stay safe around dogs. The Delta Institute also provides education for professional dog trainers. If you choose to be assessed for your dog to be a Canine Good Citizen once you pass your assessment you will be provided with a letter and link to Delta Institute website to register. The Delta Institute will send you your certificate and dog tag. There is a $30.00 fee to be paid to the Delta Institute.  Read more about this on the Delta Institute website. Your dog will need to be 12mths of age before you can be issued with your award. You can start the class at any age - your dog does not need to be 12mths to do the course. The assessment part of this course is optional.

Canine Good Citizen Life Skills Course - AUD $120.00