The Trick Training Workshop will be held over two weeks with both sessions running for 1hr.

You will develop the skills needed to teach trick training so you can teach your dog any number of tricks.

A number of different tricks will be taught depending on the skill level of your dog. Your will learn tricks such as:

  • opening and closing a draw or door
  • teaching your dog how to wipe its own paws
  • unrolling a towels 
  • teach your dog to read words
  • transferring a paw touches to other things such as your foot

Trick training is great mental stimulation for your dog and builds the bond. 

This class is restricted to six dogs to allow for individual help and coaching. 

Venue is The Village Green Unley on Thursday night.

Trick Training Workshop - AUD $65.00
Sat 09 Jan 2021 10:00 AM - Sat 16 Jan 2021 11:00 AM
Unley - Sat 9th Jan 2021 and Sat 16 Jan 2020 at 10.00am (2 sessions)